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CS - 14 Intelligent Systems
Dec. 2001

Q 1. Q. Evaluate the following LISP expressions:
i) (greaterp 57 75 105)
ii) (mapcar '+ '(2 4 6 8 10) '(1 2 3 4))
iii) (setq y '(a b 15))

(b) For each of the following statements, tell whether it is true or false:
i) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of mind.
ii) Knowledge consists of concepts, facts, procedures, and rules.
iii) The inference rule modus ponens states: From P Q and Q R infer P R

(c) Enumerate atleast six knowledge representation schemes.

(d) Q. Write a LISP program that converts temperature in centigrades to equivalent temperature in Fahrenheit.

(e) Construct a truth-table for the following logical expression:
~(P Ú Q) à (P Ù Q)

(f) Discuss briefly some the potential problems when using hill climbing search.

(g) State what variable binding, if any, will make the following lists match:
i) (a b c (d a) f) and (?x b c (d ?y) ?z)
ii) (*x a b (c d) *x) and ((e f) a b *y e f)
iii) (?x *y a b c (d e)) and (a (j k) (f) a b c * z)

(h) What is resoultuion principle? Find the resolvant of P Ú ~(Q Ù R) and P Ú Q.

(i) Write the main steps of A* search algorithm.

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Q 2. (a) Transform the following into conjunctive normal from:
Z à (~(X à Y))

(b) Give the internal storage linked cons cell structure for the list
(a ((b c) d (e f)))

(c) Create a LISP database for the statement:
A car has four wheels, one engine, one steering, one brake pedal can run upto 120km/hour.

(d) Define the relation of 'grand parent' (inclusive of both male and female, and both maternal and paternal) when the relation of mother and father are known/defined already.

(e) Write a LISP program that reads the radius of a circle and finds the area of the circle and prints suitable message.

Q 3 (a) Express the following as an associative network structure with interconnected nodes and labeled arcs:
Company ABC is a software development company. Three departments within the company are: Sales, Administration, and Programming. Joe is the manager of Programming. Bill and Sue are programmers. Sue is married to Sam. Sam is an editor for Prentice Hall. They have three children and they live on Elm street. Sue wears glasses and five feet four inches tall.

(b) Identify the following variables as nominal, ordinal, binary or interval:
i) university class
ii) intelligence
iii) quality of restaurant

(c) Describe briefly 'The Frame Problem' in context of 'knowledge organization and management'.

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Q 4. (a) Convert the following into clausal form:
("x) $y ("z p(f(x), y, z) ("u) Q (x, u) & ($y) R(y, v)))

(b) Determine for each of the following sentence, whether it is satisfiable, contradictory or valid:

  1. (P & Q) Ú ~P Ú ~Q
  2. (P Ú Q) à (P & Q)
  3. P à Q à ~P

5. (a) Express the following sentence as conceptual dependency structure:
Mohan cuts the apple with a knife.

(b) Draw a HAM for the following:
Mr. Vajpai, prime minister of India wrote a letter to Mr. Bush, president of USA in context of terrorist activity in Kashmir.

Q 6. (a) Compare merits and demirits of search tree and search graph in respect of representation of search problems.

(b) Discuss the eight puzzle as a search problem.

(c) Discuss "Means-Ends Analysis" as a problem solving technique.


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